Roads or trails - Cody has it all. In abundance.

Running in Cody is unique and awesome in so many ways. It’s challenging due to the hills (mountains) and altitude, exhilarating thanks to the abundant wildlife, and just freaking gorgeous in any direction.

***Due to COVID-19 there have been a few changes to normal programming.  First – our weekly Running Crew on Thursday evenings is being cancelled for now.  Please find time to go out and get your own runs accomplished!  And if you want encouragement, please find “307 Running Crew Club” on the Strava app and join the fun!

The Hunt Trail Race has been postponed to an undetermined date.  We will be hosting a Virtual Race on April 4th instead, and announcing dates for The Hunt Trail Race as nation-wide conditions progress!  Information on the Virtual Race will be posted as soon as details are confirmed.

As of right now, all other events are set to proceed as planned!

Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay isolated, my friends!***

The Cody Running Crew

Come join us every Thursday night.  This is an informal group that meets to run, enjoy each other’s company, and usually have a pint afterwards. It’s open to all ages (must be 21 for the post-run pint). The Cody Running Crew prides themselves in being a seriously laid back running group. Thursday nights are for fun, community, training, and running. Since details vary week to week, contact us directly for up to date times/locations/details at  Or if you’d like to be added to the weekly email list, let me know!  Hope to see you there!

RunCodyWY Merch

You’ve been asking, and now I’m delivering.  Get your RunCodyWY hats HERE in two styles…

  • The super stylish foamie trucker – great for those of us who sweat while running
  • The brand spankin’ new stocking hat – for when you need a little extra

Prices include free deliver (anywhere in Cody, WY) or shipping.


In the past 3 years, the RunCodyWY events have been able to give back a great portion of our profits to local organizations in need – over $12,000 to be exact. When I talk to community members about these events, the first question is always “is this a fundraiser?” People want to ensure their money is going to a GOOD cause. I love that about this place! There is value in these races as not only events that donate a portion of our profits, but also as an event that benefits YOU – the participant.

Running, walking, hobbling to the finish line is an accomplishment that represents an investment into each participant’s future of fitness, health, commitment, pride, and FUN! And everyone deserves that for themselves and their family. Just like positive causes deserve support and funding. The RunCodyWY races are committed to supporting those local organizations that reflect similar goals of health, fitness, well-being, and happiness.


– Janie Curtis
Race Director