***Due to COVID-19, The Hunt Trail Race on April 4th, 2020 has been postponed to an undetermined date.  We will be hosting a Virtual Race on April 4th instead, and announcing dates for The Hunt Trail Race as nation-wide conditions progress.  See how you can participate in The Virtual Hunt Race for FREE below.  Stay tuned and stay safe, my friends!***



This is a Virtual Race to compliment The Hunt Trail Race that has been postponed!  The Virtual Hunt will be an event anyone can participate in for free.  In order to be a part of The Virtual Hunt, go to https://www.strava.com – create or login to your account and join The Virtual Hunt Trail Race Club.  Then find a trail or dirt road to run or hike at any time on April 4th, 2020.  Use The Virtual Hunt Trail Race Club on Strava to train and connect with others.  We may be isolated, but we are still a community.


  • FREE for anyone to participate.
  • Your run MUST be posted to The Virtual Hunt Trail Race Club on Strava for everyone (and most importantly me) to see – this means you’ll need to make your activity public for at least April 4th.
  • MUST be outside – no treadmills allowed.
  • MUST be on trails – at the very least dirt roads – the less maintained the better.
  • Any distance is allowed.
  • A picture of some sort is required while on your run – can be of the trail/views, or a selfie.
  • One submission per person on April 4th, 2020.
  • Don’t forget to take your dog!
  • Remember social distancing recommendations – 6 ft apart if you run with/near someone else.

PRIZE CATEGORIES (all at my discretion):

  • Most remote trail
  • Best on-trail selfie
  • Best dog selfie
  • Furthest distance
  • Best map art
  • Most elevation climbed
  • Best outfit (photo required) – Any theme valid
  • Best wildlife seen on course (photo required)
  • Bonus prize if you find an antler and send it to me

Prizes will be Gift Cards purchased from LOCAL Cody businesses

Questions?  Email me directly at info@runcodywy.com



1 Mile / 6 Mile / 16 Mile Trail Run

This is the Wyoming trail run of trail runs. You may have your tags, you may do your glassing, but will you run this course? I dare you…

This isn’t about the stalk, this about the speed – stalk ’em, then pass ’em!

You are required to wear hunter orange of some sort and the best hunter’s outfit gets a sweet prize!

There will be 1 aid station for the 6 Miler and 3 for the 16 Miler.  All aid stations will be CUPLESS.  This means you are responsible for carrying your own bottle or hydration pack.  Aid stations will have water, Tailwind Nutrition drink, and snacks.

Like every good run, there will be free beer, soda, and food at the finish.

What You'll Get:

  • Sweet views & some hardcore trails
  • T-Shirt and bragging rights
  • Prize for the most stealth hunter attire
  • Free Beer and After Party
  • What more do you need?


It might be hot, or it might be a tid bit chilly out there….there may be rattlers, or there may be bears.  Dress in layers, bring your bear spray, keep alert, and bring a warm/dry change of clothes for the afterparty!  

We recommend running with bear spray and your phone.  There will be volunteers stashed throughout the course to ensure safety and help make sure you’re on or near the course.  All courses will be marked with colored flagging.  Be aware, these trail races will take longer than your road times.  Out of respect for our volunteers’ time, we will only allow walkers/hikers on the 1 and 6 mile courses.  The 16 miler is reserved for runners only (just don’t expect to run the whole thing, you mortal).  

The start/finish of all races is located at the Cody Archery Range.


Saturday, April 4th, 2020

16 Mile – 9am

6 Mile – 10am

1 Mile – 11am

Location: Cody Archery Range – Greybull Hwy